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Please read carefully


Once you make a recovery care reservation with ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES you have 72 hours to cancel. If your procedure is cancelled by your surgeon, your physician, or the facility, you will need to provide us with supporting documents to be refunded your payment. However, your deposit is non-refundable. Deposits may be used towards future date within (1) one year of original booking date. If unused within that period, it will not carry over. Once you have booked your services with ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES you will receive a service contract that outlines the details of services that will be provided to you. Please carefully read this service contract, as it is a binding agreement between you and ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES. A signed copy must be returned to our team with your deposit to reserve the date(s) of service.



Any modification to your packaged services must be requested (1) one week prior to service date via email. Text messages and social media are not appropriate communication methods for service modifications. 

In the event of a late discharge or any delay by the surgery center, ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES will coordinate with the facility and accommodate for such delay. However, if a client missed the scheduled procedure and failed to cancel the reservation within the appropriate time, deposit and payments will not be refunded. If for any reason, a client wishes that the postoperative care clinician leaves early or refuses a particular service, a refund will not be processed for the time or services.  



WE DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICAL INSURANCE. Clients are responsible to pay for all services provided by ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES. A $250 deposit is needed to reserve our Recovery care services. The remaining balance must be paid in full one (1) week prior to your procedure date or the date of service. Failure to pay in full will result in a cancellation of your reservation.

For ongoing concierge services, visits/hours must be prepaid and must be used within (1) one year. All payments are final, deposits and payments are valid for (1) one year. Unused hours will not carry over. All rates include travel up to the first 25 miles. A mileage fee will apply beyond the first 25 miles.

Accepted forms of payment are: 

•            All major credit cards

•            ACH bank transfers

•            Cash


All packages/services will be billed upon booking and payment is required before services are rendered. Any expenses incurred while rendering care (such as parking, groceries, pharmacy pick-ups, etc. ) is the client's responsibility. Post Op check and wellness check visits last up to (1) one hour. After the first hour, client will be billed in 15-minute increments. 


All rates are subject to change at any time


We reserve the right to recover the costs of collection of delinquent accounts, including court costs, reasonable attorney and/or collection agency fees.



$75 / hour for all services.  A one-hour minimum will be billed. After the first hour, client will be billed in 15-minute increments. 



We offer potential clients a no-obligation 30-minute consultation, in-person or by phone, to assess their needs. This meeting offers an excellent opportunity to get to know you and explore the best way to serve you.



While all clients are under the care and direct supervision of a trained clinician, it is their responsibility to take their medications. Nurses will conduct medication reconciliation, provide education, and adherence counseling; however, they will not be liable for misuse and abuse of medications. 



We offer a variety of meal options while clients are under our care. We promote healthy eating and recommend strict adherence to the diet ordered by your physician. 



During service hours, your concierge nurse will pick you up from the surgery center or hospital and drop you off to your home, hotel, or airbnb. The nurse can also take you to your post-surgical appointments scheduled during your service hours. However, transportation request for appointments that are not during your service hours will be subject of additional fees. 

For international and out of town clients, if you require airport transportation, we will be happy to make plans for you to be picked up and/or dropped off for an additional charge. Please let us know that you need these services during the initial consultation.

Need help? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit your needs.  



Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Your use of our services do not create any physician-patient relationship and cannot replace medical consultation with qualified health or medical professional when making medical decisions. ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES simply provides support to patients through advocacy, education, and care coordination to promote better outcomes and improve health.

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