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Gilberto began his career in the medical field as an EMT in the New York City emergency medical services in 1995. As such, he responded to many emergency calls and participated in the rescue operations on September 11,2001 at the World Trade Center. Later, in 2005 he became a paramedic and acquired many skills including field intubations, management of cardiac arrest, shock emergencies, traumas, and medical emergencies, which earned him recognitions for several successful resuscitations in the field. 


However, his desire to help patients beyond the 911 system led him to the nursing field. In 2013 he graduated with a Nursing degree and went on to earn a bachelors degree in nursing from chamberlain college of nursing in 2015. 4 years later, he graduated with a master’s degree in nursing at Grand Canyon University. 


Along the way, Gilberto has worked in  many renowned medical facilities such as Weill Cornell medical center, Columbia university medical center, Hackensack University Medical Center, Robert Wood Johnson medical center, Northwell Health, Houston Methodist hospital, Memorial Hermann and many more. In addition, Gilberto has experience in many critical care environments, including surgical intensive care, post anesthesia care, cardiac intensive care, and trauma surgical intensive Care.  


As a critical care nurse, Gilberto has worked on the frontline against the COVID-19 Pandemic, providing holistic care to all types of patients. His compassionate care has provided patients and their families with the support and peace of mind they needed to fight devastating diseases, to face  frightening surgical procedures, and to cope with the lengthy recovery ahead.

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