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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concierge Nursing?

A Concierge Nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who, based on their area of expertise, provides a personalized and customized nursing care to their clients. The concierge nurse may visit you at your home, hotel room, Airbnb, hospital room, or may accompany you when you travel or when you visit your doctor or other medical provider.


Additionally, a concierge nursing service is a specialized healthcare service that provides personalized care and assistance to individuaIs goes beyond traditional nursing care by offering additional services such as nutrition guidance, running errands, and housekeeping to enhance the overall well-being of the individual. 

What is the difference between concierge and home health nurse?

A concierge nurse is an independently practicing RN. Which means that they do not have to be employed through an agency, hospital, or physician.  Additionally, unlike home healthcare agency nurses, a concierge nurse will not bill a patient’s insurance company or government health plan. The type of services provided are only limited to the nurse’s license and their individual area of expertise. Therefore, provided that the requested service is within the scope of nursing practice, a concierge nurse can provide any service that a patient may need. 

Services may include: 

  • IV infusions

  • Medical escorts

  • Wound care

  • Palliative services

  • Private care in a hospital or facility

  • IVF injections

  • Post-op care

  • Wellness support

  • Patient advocacy

How are concierge nurses paid?

Some Concierge nurses provide services on a fee-for-service basis, while others focus more on a subscription-based service that is comparable to the way Concierge Medical Providers work. Fee-for-service plans provide a one-time service for a certain cost. An example of that model is a one time “tuck me in” visit after a hospital discharge or surgical procedure. Fee-for-service plans usually focus on restorative care and illness recovery.

A subscription-based plan commonly bundles a group of services into a recurring monthly or annual fee. A typical subscription bundle may include a certain number of visits per month with some combination of TeleNursing, email, or phone support. Subscription based services generally focus on health promotion and illness prevention.

What role does nutrition play in a concierge nursing service?

Nutrition is a vital aspect of a concierge nursing service. The service focuses on providing individuals with tailored nutrition guidance, meal planning, meal prepping and support in maintaining a healthy diet. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in promoting overall health, managing chronic conditions, and aiding in the recovery process.

What types of errands can a concierge nursing service assist with?

A concierge nursing service can assist with a wide range of errands to make life easier for individuals. This may include grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, accompanying to medical appointments, running general errands, and more. The goal is to ensure that individuals have the necessary support to manage their daily tasks and responsibilities.

Do Concierge Nurses Provide Companionship and Emotional Support?

Concierge nursing services recognize the importance of emotional well-being. They provide companionship and emotional support to individuals, fostering a sense of connection and reducing feelings of isolation. Caregivers often develop strong relationships with their clients, offering a listening ear and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Do Concierge Nurses Provide Coordination of Healthcare Services?

Concierge nursing services often act as a liaison between individuals and other healthcare professionals. They can help schedule appointments, coordinate transportation to medical visits, and communicate important information between the individual, their family, and healthcare providers. This coordination ensures that individuals receive comprehensive care and have all their healthcare needs addressed.

How does a concierge nursing service address housekeeping needs?

Housekeeping is an essential aspect of maintaining a clean and safe living environment. A concierge nursing service can provide assistance with light housekeeping tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, and organizing. This ensures that individuals can live in a comfortable and tidy space while focusing on their health and well-being.


What are the benefits of utilizing a concierge nursing service?

The benefits of utilizing a concierge nursing service are numerous. It provides personalized care tailored to individual needs, promotes independence by allowing individuals to remain in their own homes, offers convenience through assistance with errands and housekeeping, and ensures proper nutrition guidance for overall health and well-being. Additionally, it provides peace of mind to both individuals and their families, knowing that professional and compassionate care is being provided.

Why Encore Concierge Nurses? 

Encore Concierge Nurses is a team of highly trained registered nurses with experience in post-operative and critical care. These nurses understand the challenges that many patients face as they transition from the medical facility to self-management at home. Therefore, they are committed to providing you with the support and resources needed to self-efficacy and safe recovery with peace of mind. Furthermore, Encore Concierge Nurses offer personalized care, convenience, and peace of mind to clients. With a focus on nutrition, errands, and housekeeping, and senior proofing, we enhance the quality of life for our clients while relieving them of burdensome tasks. Our flexible and customizable services, provided by professional and compassionate caregivers, ensure that clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Let us provide you or your loved ones with a personalized, convenient, and holistic approach to care.

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Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Your use of our services do not create any physician-patient relationship and cannot replace medical consultation with qualified health or medical professional when making medical decisions. ENCORE CONCIERGE NURSES simply provides support to patients through advocacy, education, and care coordination to promote better outcomes and improve health.

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