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Senior Proofing

Senior proofing is essential for older adults who wish to age in place. It involves making necessary modifications to ensure their safety and independence at home. Our team will conduct a comprehensive 120-item home safety checklist, thoroughly assessing each room for potential risks and hazards. This checklist covers various aspects such as fall-proofing, decluttering living spaces, utilizing senior-friendly furniture, providing assistive devices, addressing memory-related challenges, ensuring fire safety, enhancing home security, making necessary home modifications, and suggesting tools and techniques to simplify daily tasks.


Once the checklist is complete, we will provide you with a detailed summary of our findings along with personalized recommendations to optimize safety in the home. If you decide to proceed with our recommended modifications, our team will be more than happy to implement these improvements for you. Our goal is to create a living environment that is both safe and enjoyable, enabling older adults to maintain their independence and enhance their overall well-being. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service and ensure that living at home remains a comfortable and secure experience.

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Your Safety is Our Priority

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